Friday, October 7, 2016

October 7

All month we're writing poetic letters!

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  1. Dear ABC,
    Now hear this: I just bought
    ABC Sports and I’m a woman so—
    Boxing is released On Demand only.
    Poker is not a sport.

    Football and hockey games will be
    broadcast weeks or months later with
    no advance notice, whenever
    a time slot, say at 4 AM, happens
    to open up and is the right length of time.
    If one of the players rapes or kills someone
    before the game is broadcast, it will
    result in this broadcast timing: NEVER.

    Gymnastics and Figure Skating,
    track and field meets, bicycle races around the world,
    Olympics, Special Olympics, Para Olympics,
    and Alpine skiing will be designated Priority Sports
    that will ALWAYS be broadcast
    Immediately. No exceptions.

    Basketball and baseball will be unchanged
    from the current procedures except they
    cannot be allowed to interrupt or preempt
    the Priority Sports.

    Your new owner,