Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1

In November, we're writing poems that focus on joy!


  1. the wind feeds me
    tastes of sage
    and juniper
    sprinkled with
    dusty puffs that
    rise like crunchy clouds
    underfoot. The breeze
    touches me warmly
    a salted embrace
    before it zooms away
    circling into eddies
    playful with hawks
    overhead where
    mountaintops are
    minimized and laughter
    kisses freedom

  2. Gi-gi and Alfred the Monkey

    We had a large poodle and
    A squirrel monkey

    When my sisters and I were
    growing up in La Verne

    The monkey named
    Alfred got on the back

    of the dog and rode her
    like a jockey on a horse

    It made us laugh until
    the tears dried up

    And the aches from our
    cheeks went away