Monday, February 20, 2017

February 20

All right we are back on!

We are writing letters today.

Not poems, letters.

These are going to be letters to the editor. See down below for our topic.

Try to keep them short, maybe 200-300 words at the very most. Just a quick note so we can get attention on our subject.

We're going to talk about the need for infrastructure improvements in California so incidents like what is happening in Oroville doesn't happen in more places.

The point of this is that we'll be able to talk about the fact that bad weather IS going to happen more and more. It's kind of a subversive discussion about global climate change. I will have my letter up tomorrow morning. The new post will go up in the afternoon.

Ideally, we'll all send it to the same place (The LA Times) with the hope that one of us will publish.

Put your letter down below and we will workshop it.

Here's the link to send it to:


  1. Great idea John. The letter that I have been thinking about will not be about this subject, and will not be a letter to the editor, but to Senator John McCain.
    He is in a position to wake up his party, begin it moving toward getting rid of the dangerous Trump and Bannon and the apparatus they have set up to prepare for the advent of fascism in the U.S.
    I think he is a courageous person; he has shown that in the past.

  2. Here's my letter.

    The problems we have seen at the Oroville Dam underscore the fact that we as a nation are going to have to work on improving our infrastructure generally. Global climate change is going to affect all of our dams, roads and bridges, and we need to be prepared.

    Your letters do not need to be long and they don't need to take hours of composition.